Presentation Videos

Transform your presentations into scalable visual experiences.

Presentation videos bring together professionally recorded video and graphics to create an engaging and memorable experience for your audience.

Enjoy the benefits of a budget-conscious, highly branded, and dynamic solution that leaves a lasting impression.

Gorilla Creative in studio on green screenScreenshot of a Gorilla Creative presentation video.
Screenshot of a Gorilla Creative presentation video.

When are presentation videos effective?

  • When you need to make the same presentation over and over.
  • When you need to deliver your content asynchronously and at scale.
  • When a slide deck by itself feels cheap or flimsy.
  • When you want more polish and professionalism than recording a presentation on Zoom or from the back of a ballroom.
  • When you want to create a video series with high consistency and brand fidelity, without destroying your budget.

Why Gorilla Creative?

Experience. Process. Results.

We are driven by our mission to produce training, onboarding, and virtual event videos that deliver measurable impact. Our approach starts with empowering your presenters to shine on screen. Whether they are seasoned speakers or nervous subject matter experts, we create a comfortable production environment that allows them to showcase their best. The result? Engaging videos that captivate audiences and achieve your desired objectives.


We’ve produced more than 750 hours of presentation content to teach employees, users, and employees.


Our proven ability to deliver consistent results is rooted in the strength of our process.


High quality is table stakes. We take the time to produce videos that deliver results.

See a presentation video series go from concept to completion.

InfluxData wanted to produce a series of videos for developers, by developers.

We distilled our design point to this: developers often mingle in the office around a whiteboard to hash out problems or brainstorm an idea. What would it look like if we made a video version of that?

My team wanted to produce SEO-optimized educational videos that were both engaging (energetic, authentic) and authoritative (structured, clear, accurate). This was a tricky tension to navigate.

Gorilla Creative immediately understood what we were trying to accomplish, they consistently demonstrated a knowledge of and empathy for our small business target customer, and they had a knack for tactfully pushing back and challenging our thinking while ensuring that we felt heard and understood. They were highly responsive and flexible as the project evolved and new variables were introduced.

The end product – produced quickly, on-budget, and during a global pandemic, mind you – was high quality, and we’ve seen good results. I definitely recommend working with them.

Headshot of Dave Morse
Dave Morse
Senior Growth Marketing Manager
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We've been working with Gorilla to produce well over 50+ videos. We have seen our user community really engage with these videos and they even prompt deeper conversations for our sales team.

What was really unique about these videos is that we took a lot of different people from our company, people that have never been in front of the camera before and Gorilla pulled something out of them to make their presentations really engaging…really pop.

We're excited to keep our relationship with Gorilla going. We've done a lot of work, but we also feel like we're just scratching the surface.

Headshot of Brian Mullen
Brian Mullen
Chief Marketing Officer
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