Ease of Collaboration

Gorilla Creative stands out for our approachability, responsiveness, and refined workflows, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable creative process you'll actually enjoy.

Ultimately, they created a video that exceeded our expectations. But it was the way they did it that really sets Gorilla Creative apart. Simply put, they’re the type of people you want to have on your team. They’re very smart, with a high level of business acumen that allowed them to translate challenging concepts into polished video.

Headshot of Greg Schneider

Greg Schneider

SVP of Marketing

(Currently CMO at Qventus)

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It felt like, right from the start, the Gorilla team just knew what we were trying to do. They just “got it,” and that makes it easy to work with them. Gorilla’s response times are super quick. It’s like working with our own team…just seamless. 

Headshot of Nina Buster

Nina Buster

Customer Marketing

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They listened to our needs and created videos to deliver those results. They were easy to collaborate with and instilled confidence in our team. They guided us every step of the way and provided an organized, easy to understand process. The stress was lessened tremendously because the Gorilla team took care of every detail and provided guidance from start to finish.

Headshot of Angela Restani‍

Angela Restani

VP of Marketing

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Invested in Client Success

Gorilla Creative is deeply invested in your success. Our executive producer and creative director (who personally lead every project) are founders and stay involved from concept to completion.

I really believe in the feeling you get when you meet people, and from day one, I felt like I could trust the Gorilla team. The way they listened to our needs. The way they understood our stress and our goals. They were an extension of our team. They were there for us, and they wanted the same success that we wanted. They wanted this to be amazing just as much as we did.

Headshot of Sheila Morin

Sheila Morin

Chief Marketing Officer

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I very much view this as a symbiotic relationship, and I think that's why I like working with them so much. They make it fun, they make it enjoyable, because they give a damn just like we give a damn.

Headshot of Jason Myers

Jason Myers

Content Marketing Manager

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We decided to hire Gorilla largely because of the team behind Gorilla Creative and the process that they had in place. They inspired confidence. It's working with executives, working with tight timelines, with very busy schedules. It’s amazing to look back at how effective everything was.

Headshot of Angelo Georgescu

Angelo Georgescu

Brand, Creative, & Web Director

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Expertise and Process

Our expertise lies in not just creating videos, but in delivering strategic, results-oriented content tailored to meet your specific business objectives.

The Gorilla team asked a lot of inquisitive and clarifying questions without forcing their own narrative on us. I think if we hadn't gone through that process, we wouldn't have understood where our tone needed to be. Not just in the video, but across the brand. That process with Gorilla helped us clarify that understanding.

Headshot of Pat Connelly

Pat Connelly

Chief of Staff

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They were not just applying our comments blindly. They would challenge us sometimes on things that they thought we were wrong. So it was a great discussion, an exchange on taking their professional advice and our knowledge of the company to make something better.

Headshot of Sheila Morin

Sheila Morin

Cheif Marketing Officer

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What we needed was not a simple ask, but Gorilla delivered in spades! From the start, it was clear that Gorilla Creative had a process that worked. They understood what the video needed to accomplish, helped us bring our story and our vision to light effectively, and created a video that delivered the results we needed. Matt, Eric and the whole team are to be commended.

Headshot of Dina Chon

Dina Chon

Community Engagement Manager

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You're in Good Company

Our clients are real people, just like you.

They like working with us, and we think you will, too.

In the past, we have struggled to find creative agencies that understood our audience and offering. The Gorilla team went all in to understand our value proposition and steered us to the key messaging statement. They backed this up with a dynamic and succinct storyboard. Our final video exemplified our brand through and through.

A few things that really stand out:

  • We had a dedicated team that stayed with us from proposal to final assets delivery. No changes, no substitutions. We knew exactly who to speak to at each step of the project.
  • Gorilla was on or ahead of time with all of their milestones. They kept us in the loop at every step along the way.
  • The value to the budget was extraordinary. This video is the centerpiece of our new brand offering.

Gorilla Creative is the ONLY video agency we will partner with on future projects.

Pat Connelly

Chief of Staff

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We evaluated several video agencies and we have never regretted choosing Gorilla Creative.

Working with them has been pure pleasure. They fully understood what we need. They managed the project expertly to deliver a high-quality project on time and on budget. They listened to our needs, were always there to provide solutions, and managed all of the curve balls we threw at them.

I have done several projects like this in my career and this one was different – there were no frustrations and no worries.

Gorilla has been an exceptional partner! We will work together again!

Sheila Morin

Chief Marketing Officer

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Working with Gorilla Creative has been an extremely positive experience.

They listened to our needs and created videos to deliver those results. They were easy to collaborate with and instilled confidence in our team. They guided us every step of the way and provided an organized, easy to understand process. The pressure to create a high quality, professional and intriguing product launch video was lessened tremendously, because the Gorilla team took care of every detail and provided guidance from start to finish.

Our project required production in multiple countries and states to film our Founder, CEO, and numerous key customers. Gorilla Creative managed all the logistics and remote crews to ensure that all the content came together seamlessly and consistently.

We wanted to incorporate 3D product animation to bring our product to life. Instead of starting from scratch, they saved significant time and cost by lighting and animating our existing CAD files. The resulting animations felt exciting, alive, and matched our brand style.

Our story needed to feel aspirational and global, demonstrating our reach across industries and continents. Gorilla Creative had creative and efficient ways to leverage existing video, customer content, high quality stock footage, and animation to connect our product to the outcomes that we deliver.

The video was the centerpiece of our flagship product launch and contributed to more than quadruple our lead goal for the launch event. I could not recommend them more highly and look forward to working with Gorilla on many future projects.

Angela Restani

Vice President of Marketing

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The Gorilla Creative team understood everything that we asked for and went above and beyond to provide a quality service that resulted in a quality video. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs videos created for them!

Jill Maurer

Associate Manager of Aerie Brand Experience

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Gorilla Creative are the ultimate professionals. From start to finish they were a pleasure to work with. The turnaround! So quick, it was fantastic. We couldn’t have asked for a better team and we love the videos!

Heather Fear

Associate Director of Donor Relations and Campaign Programs

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What we needed from Gorilla Creative was not a simple ask, but they delivered in spades! From the start, it was clear that Gorilla Creative understood how to bring our story and our vision to light. And did I mention that our constituents loved being interviewed by them? While on site, they were able to connect with all types of people and elicit amazing responses from each.

Matt, Eric and the whole gang are to be commended. We would work with them again in a heartbeat. Thanks for making us look so good!

Dina Chon

Community Engagement Manager

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Gorilla Creative went above and beyond to support the production needs of our event. They are true professionals and had solutions ready to address all of the last minute changes that came up. We look forward to working with Gorilla Creative again on future production projects!

Derek Moore

Chief Technology Officer

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I was impressed with Gorilla Creative from the interview process through the wrap of the project. During the interview process, they were able to clearly articulate their creative process which gave me confidence in their ability to deliver.

From my personal experience, Matt, Eric and the Gorilla team are upbeat, responsive, and attentive to detail. No ask I made was too big or too small. They are true collaborators – they took direction well while also advising me against certain requests and explaining why. I was extremely happy with the final videos.

Sheila Kilbride

Marketing Communications & Content Marketing

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We had the pleasure of working with the team at Gorilla for a product launch and media event in San Francisco. From the first briefing call to the wrapping of the event, Matt and the team were proactive, professional and skilled, giving our project the very best attention. They provided effective ideas and solutions throughout that maximized our investment and meant we were able to deliver a high quality product to our client.

The process from beginning to end felt professional and collaborative and I would have no hesitation in recommending them as a partner.

Danny Doyle

Creative Director

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Partnering with Gorilla Creative has set a new standard for excellence in video production services. Their team collaborated closely with our marketing department, expertly tailoring the script to captivate our audience while perfectly matching our desired timeline.

Gorilla Creative excelled in developing custom animations that seamlessly align with our branding, making it feel as though they were an integral part of our team. Their attention to detail was particularly evident when they sourced the ideal actor for our video, perfectly embodying our brand's essence.

Since launching our campaign, the video produced by Gorilla Creative has become our most successful advertisement, yielding the highest conversion rates we've seen to date. We look forward to future projects with Matt, Eric, and the entire team at Gorilla Creative. Their professionalism and creativity come highly recommended for anyone seeking a top-tier video agency.

Laura Barker

Senior Creative Manager

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Gorilla Creative is one of the very best firms I’ve worked with over the last twenty years. I wholeheartedly recommend them — without hesitation. In fact, I’ve even been known to provide unsolicited recommendations to my CMO friends and colleagues!

We originally began working with Gorilla Creative to create our IPO roadshow video — a high-visibility, high-stakes, and highly-complex project. We chose them because they had roadshow video experience, their prior work aligned well with our company’s brand, and — most importantly — we knew we would be working directly with Matt and Eric, which gave us confidence that they would be able to deliver high-quality work under incredibly tight timeframes.

Ultimately, they created a video that exceeded our expectations. But it was the way they did it that really sets Gorilla Creative apart. Simply put, they’re the type of people you want to have on your team. They’re very smart, with a high level of business acumen that allowed them to translate challenging concepts into polished video in just a few iterations. They work incredibly hard. Through it all, they maintain an unfailingly positive, can-do attitude — always rolling with the punches in the face of changes in direction and difficult requests. And they have a high EQ, allowing them to work really well with everyone — from our executive team to our marketing organization to our customer references. They’re just great people.

I’ve worked with many creative agencies over the years, and there are none that I would recommend more highly than Gorilla Creative.

Greg Schneider

SVP of Marketing
(Currently CMO at Qventus)

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My team wanted to produce SEO-optimized educational videos on the topic of small business payroll that were both engaging (energetic, authentic) and authoritative (structured, clear, accurate). This was a tricky tension to navigate.

Gorilla Creative came recommended to me from Intuit colleagues, and after introductions and a strategic kick-off call, I could see why. They understood immediately what we were trying to accomplish and the tensions at play, they consistently demonstrated a knowledge of / empathy for our small business target customer, and they had a knack for tactfully pushing back and challenging our thinking while ensuring that we felt heard / understood. They were also highly responsive and flexible as the project evolved and new variables were introduced relating to brand style guides and specs for execution.

The end product – produced quickly, on-budget, and during a global pandemic, mind you – was high quality, and we’re already seeing early indications of good results. I definitely recommend working with them.

Dave Morse

Senior Growth Marketing Manager

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Over the course of many years, the Gorilla Creative team has exceeded our expectations, time and time again.

Our partnership is built on mutual trust and collaboration. I know when our priorities, needs, or deadlines change (especially deadlines), I can count on them to deliver what we need – when we need it.

They have never missed a deadline or let me down. As a result, I can focus on the demanding needs of our clients. When we say ‘Jump!!’ they say ‘When, where, how high, and what sort of shoes should we wear?

Jamey Robinson

Managing Partner

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The team at Gorilla Creative constantly exceeded our expectations and took our projects to new heights with their creativity and fun spirit. More than almost any contractor I’ve worked with, they got our vision immediately in our first conversation and proceeded to execute at the highest of levels. On top of their work product, the team was an absolute joy to work with – they were responsive, collaborative, and to put it simply, fun. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

Kelsey Reardon

Marketing Specialist

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Gorilla Creative is an excellent team to work with! Everything was clearly and promptly communicated. The day of filming went by very smoothly. They were self-sufficient, made everyone on (and off) camera feel comfortable, and delivered a product that we love!

Jen Woo

Studio Manager

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The Gorilla Creative team was extremely easy to collaborate with. They took our loose vision and turned around a great concept within a week. They were very receptive to our edits, offered great recommendations, and took the time to understand what our product did and what we were trying to convey. The team really brought our ideas to life and met our tight deadline. I’ll continue to use and highly recommend Gorilla Creative to others.

Mallory Blumer

Director of Marketing

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I pilot a ‘boutique’ in-house video department at Bank of the West in San Francisco. For larger shoots with Senior Executives, Gorilla Creative is my first call. They bring deep technical expertise, state-of-the-art gear and sunny dispositions. Great partners!

Marco Boscacci

Senior Video Producer

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My company is based on the East Coast and I was tasked with hiring a company and planning a video shoot at a trade show in San Francisco. With no prior experience, I leaned on Gorilla Creative and they could not have made this project any more simple or satisfying. From initial contact right through to receiving the final videos, everyone on the Gorilla Creative team knocked it out of the park! Thanks for making us look good!

Ann Sicard

Marketing Communications

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