Customer Testimonial Videos

Elevate trust and enhance your credibility.

Customer testimonial videos transform your satisfied customers into brand advocates, amplifying conversion rates. By providing an authentic human touch to your product, these videos forge an emotional connection, fostering customer loyalty that goes beyond mere transactions.

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Why Gorilla Creative?

Experience. Process. Results.

We’re proud not only of the work we have done, but also the way we get the job done. We are equally focused on producing measurably effective videos and creating an experience that you, your team, and your customers will love.


We’ve produced countless customer testimonial videos for clients large and small all over the world.


Our proven ability to deliver consistent results is rooted in the strength of our process.


High quality is table stakes. We take the time to produce videos that deliver results.

See a customer testimonial video go from concept to completion.

Intuit wanted to produce a series of videos featuring success stories of businesses that migrated from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online.

We helped them find the right customers to feature, coordinated all of the logistics for production, traveled all over the US to film with real customers, and edited long form videos and snack-size videos for social media.

On location with Gorilla Creaive.

We understand the significance of asking your customers for a favor.

The experience your customers have working with us throughout the process reflects directly on your brand. We have tailored our process to ensure a seamless experience, respect their time, and create high-quality content that they are proud to be a part of.

Our mission is to build on the positive customer relationship you have nurtured and support your business goals.

Marqeta works with some of the biggest brands in the world, and whenever we're doing co-marketing with our customers, we want to ensure that they are being treated professionally and with the utmost respect – and that's what we get with Gorilla Creative.

Working with Gorilla is not just about the editing or the camera work or the lighting or the production quality. It's really about how do they bring all of those elements together to create a holistic story that's even more powerful than you could have ever imagined.

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Lindsay Goldberg
Director of Corporate Marketing
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We produced customer testimonials all over the world - two in the U.S. in two different cities, one in Europe, and one in Australia. Everything was organized by Gorilla. Finding locations to film in, making sure the scripts were approved, coordinating what people were going to wear, coaching clients on how to deliver the message. Gorilla did it all and made our lives so much easier. Everything was super organized and they kept us on schedule and on budget, which was critical.

The collaboration between Gorilla Creative and Coveo was amazing. The quality of the finished videos exceed our expectations. But even more, all of our customers said that it was a fantastic experience. They loved it and were as happy with the results as we were.

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Sheila Morin
Chief Marketing Officer
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