Marqeta Customer Spotlight: Western Union

Project Summary

Gorilla Creative collaborated with Marqeta to produce a customer spotlight video featuring their customer, Western Union. The goal was to showcase how Marqeta's technology enables Western Union's customers to seamlessly access their money across 180 countries. Going beyond the traditional customer testimonial format, the video uses narrative b-roll filmed specifically for this video to put a face and story to the products and ideas being discussed.

We created a customer persona and several key scenes to demonstrate the benefits of Marqeta-enabled products. Production involved filming interviews and b-roll at Western Union's office in Denver, as well as narrative scenes in the San Francisco Bay Area. Gorilla Creative provided production design, casting, styling, locations, and everything needed for a successful day of filming.

Post production involved assembling a clear and concise story, animating product UIs, color grading, and sound mixing.

The final video, along with shorter versions for social media, showcased how Western Union leverages Marqeta to deliver innovative products and experiences to its customers. The video serves as a powerful testimonial of Marqeta's impact in the financial access space.

Client Spotlight

Lindsay Goldberg and Nina Buster discuss their successful collaboration with Gorilla Creative to create high-quality customer testimonial videos, emphasizing the importance of storytelling, quality, and mutual respect in their collaborative partnership.

Project Breakdown

From pre-production, to production, to post-production, it was a very smooth process and we ended up with a really perfect, finished product.

Gorilla Creative really did a great job of helping us figure out what the clear, focused story was...what were the right sound bites, what was the right timing, what were the right visual elements to make our customer’s story the most compelling and engaging.

Gorilla was incredible at pivoting, making sure the project ran smoothly even when things changed…rolling with it and being easy going, but always keeping the project on track and delivering exactly what we needed.

Gorilla made it look easy. It’s like that analogy… they are the calm duck on top of the water, but really behind-the-scenes you know they are moving their feet really quickly to keep everything going behind the scenes.

When we received the 1st version of the video, Nina and I looked at each other and said, ‘Wow!’ and after that we shared some very minor feedback that Gorilla folded in seamlessly. I truly believe it’s because we were so aligned throughout the entire process, the level of and attention to detail that Gorilla Creative provides really allows it to make everything super seamless, and post production an absolute breeze.

Lindsay Goldberg
Director of Corporate Marketing

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