Why Gorilla?

At some point, you and your boss are going to ask “Why should we hire Gorilla Creative?”

Since we’re biased, we decided to ask our clients, “Why Gorilla?”.

From trailblazing startups to industry giants

We’ve worked with startups and industry giants, and we’ve been at it long enough to have worked with industry giants back when they were startups.

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The Gorilla team asked a lot of inquisitive and clarifying questions without forcing their own narrative on us. I think if we hadn't gone through that process, we wouldn't have understood where our tone needed to be. Not just in the video, but across the brand. That process with Gorilla helped us clarify that understanding.

Headshot of Pat Connelly

Pat Connelly

Chief of Staff

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Gorilla Creative makes our life easier. Yes, they do great work. But most importantly, they make it really easy to get the results we need without added stress or worry.

Headshot of Sheila Morin

Sheila Morin

Chief Marketing Officer

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Gorilla was incredible at pivoting, making sure the project ran smoothly even when things changed…rolling with it and being easy going, but always keeping the project on track and delivering exactly what we needed.

Headshot of Lindsay Goldberg

Lindsay Goldberg

Director of Corporate Marketing

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Your San Francisco Video Production Company

Based in San Francisco, we specialize in corporate video production and commercial video production to deliver the business results you need.

Our mission is to help clients boost brand awareness, generate leads, acquire users, and build community by leveraging the power of video. Since 2017, our video production company has worked with clients to produce everything from brand films, recruiting videos, customer testimonial videos, investor videos, software demos, product videos, explainer videos, and training videos to help their companies grow.

We convert complex ideas into “aha!” moments through high-impact commercials to boost brand awareness and detailed corporate videos showcasing your industry leadership.

Our experience as a Bay Area video production company goes beyond just producing effective videos. We are experts in process and workflow. We are a team of people our clients enjoy working with and rely on to guide them through every step of the creative development, pre production, production, and post production process.

Our process for creating effective videos involves continuous experimentation, evaluation, and refinement, ensuring we consistently exceed our clients' needs and deliver high-quality outcomes. We take the time to understand client requirements, collaborate with stakeholders, and provide a clear roadmap to produce videos that achieve the desired results—on time and within budget.

From funded starts to Fortune 100 public companies, we work seamlessly as an extension of your team to produce the videos you need. Whether you’re looking for a small corporate video production crew who can produce a quick update for social media next week or a large commercial video production agency to produce your next industry-leading commercial, we can scale our solutions to fit your needs.

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