RideAway Adventures Migrated to QuickBooks Online for Remote Access

Project Summary

Intuit wanted to produce a series of videos showcasing businesses that migrated from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online.

The project began by reaching out to real businesses who had recently switched to QuickBooks Online and conducting interviews to gather their experiences. We needed businesses that not only had authentic stories that aligned with QuickBooks’ messaging goals, but also businesses that would make visually engaging videos.

We found three great companies that fir the bill perfectly, including RideAway Adventures in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

The pre-production phase involved meticulous planning, coordinating schedules, and arranging locations to ensure a smooth production process. The production team traveled to Cape Cod, to film an interview with Mike, the owner of RideAway Adventures, along with b-roll to bring the story to life, including various activities such as biking, kayaking, and paddle boarding.

During post-production, we used Mike’s interview and all of the b-roll to bring the original creative brief to life, all while ensuring the video aligned with Intuit's marketing objectives.

The end result was a video that effectively conveyed the success story of RideAway Adventures and highlighted the seamless integration of QuickBooks Online into their daily operations - driving Intuit's marketing objectives and promoting their product's value to potential customers on the QuickBooks Online website, the QuickBooks YouTube channel, and LinkedIn pages.

Client Spotlight

Project Breakdown

See how Gorilla Creative worked with Intuit to convert their need for relevant, engaging videos into a series of high-performing customer stories featuring real businesses that use QuickBooks Online.

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