Our Process

It’s not as fun to talk about as our award winning videos, but consistently making effective videos for clients at scale requires a process.

Our process is the result of continuous experimentation, evaluation, learning, and refinement. 

From understanding your needs, to working effectively with stakeholders, to providing a clear roadmap and a satisfying process, we get you to the finish line — a video that delivers the right results — on time, on budget, and with confidence. And perhaps just as importantly, we do it in a way that you’ll enjoy and want to do again.

Gorilla Creative filming on location at Q Bio.


Our sales process is straightforward and customer-focused. We're not here to convince you to hire us. We look for clients and projects where we can deliver exceptional value and results.

It starts with a Zoom call where we get to know each other better. We want to understand your goals, needs, and challenges to see if we're the right fit for you. If there's alignment, we'll move forward with a proposal for creative engagement.

During this process, we'll guide you through important questions about your target audience, desired impact, video context, budget, and timeline. Our aim is to ensure we have a clear understanding of your project's requirements from the get-go.

If it turns out we're not the best fit, we won't waste your time or resources. We believe in open communication and want to uncover any misalignments early on. It's important to us that you find the right solution for your needs.

Proposal and Contract

Depending on the nature of your project, we may proceed directly to creating a detailed proposal based on our initial discussions. However, in some cases, additional discovery and creative development may be necessary to finalize the scope.

Our proposals encompass all aspects required for the successful completion of your project. This includes a comprehensive scope of work, budget breakdown, and project timeline. We go the extra mile to understand your measurement and analytics process, ensuring that the video aligns seamlessly with your goals.

We prioritize delivering value, not simply time or effort. That's why almost all of our work is performed on fixed-fee, per project contracts. We firmly believe in the impact and outcomes we can achieve together, and our pricing model reflects our commitment to delivering exceptional value.

Project Kickoff

At the start of each new project, we believe in kicking things off on the right foot. That's why we begin each new project with a kickoff call to introduce our project team and meet the stakeholders from your team.

During this call, we'll cover essential project milestones, get connected on Slack (if that's your jam), and align on the next steps, clarifying responsibilities and timelines to ensure everyone is on the same page.

During the project kickoff, you’ll meet our team who will guide your project from initial discovery to final delivery: an executive producer, creative director, and project manager.

Our executive producer and creative director, who lead every project, are founders. This means that the individuals at the helm of your project have a personal stake in its success and can make decisions quickly. Agility and decisiveness aren’t just buzz words.

Creative Development

This is when the fundamental concepts and ideas for the video are generated. 

It involves brainstorming, researching, and gathering inspiration to develop a clear vision and direction for the video.

  • What is the key message and who will deliver it – executives, staff, actors, customers, subject matter experts?
  • Will the video be scripted or interview driven? If it’s scripted, our team of writers can take on this task, or we can leverage your team of experts with help from our team. If the video will be interview driven, we’ll create an outline and interview discussion guide.
  • What is the visual aesthetic of the video? Whether it’s a live action video or fully animated, we’ll brainstorm what the visual tone and feeling should look like. Depending on the project, we may create a mood board, style guide, or reference images.

Pre Production

Pre production is all about thorough preparation and planning, ensuring a smooth production phase. Our tailored pre production process includes:

  • Location Scouting: Assessing potential filming locations, addressing logistical considerations, and obtaining necessary permits or permissions.
  • Casting: Conducting auditions or rehearsals for hired actors or coordinating with your staff or executives for on-camera appearances.
  • Styling: Considering appropriate wardrobe choices for individuals appearing on camera.
  • Production Design: Creating the visual world of the video, whether through carefully curated props or designing and building sets from scratch.
  • Crew Selection: Working with a diverse network of freelance artists and technicians to assemble the best team for each project.
  • Production Planning: Developing a detailed schedule, allocating time for each scene, transitions, and other logistical arrangements.

For "post-only" projects, such as software demos or fully animated videos, pre-production may primarily involve casting voice-over talent.

By prioritizing meticulous pre production, we ensure that your project is well-prepared and poised for success.


Production is when we are actively filming on set or on location. It is typically the shortest phase of a project, often completed in a single day, although larger projects may require multiple days.

We understand that each project is unique, and we tailor our production approach accordingly. Our specialized crews and equipment are carefully selected to match the specific needs of your project, whether it involves filming self-driving cars, mountain bikers, executives on green screens, or customers in retail stores.

What sets us apart is our fully integrated approach to production. We incorporate production planning from the very beginning, testing ideas and learning from each shoot to continually improve our processes. Our production and post-production teams work closely together, ensuring a seamless transition from the set to the editing stage.

With Gorilla Creative, you can count on consistent leadership throughout your project. The same executive producer, director, and project manager who have been guiding your project from the start will also be present during the production phase, ensuring continuity and a cohesive vision.

Post Production

Post production can be divided into two categories: "post-only" projects and projects that involve both production (filming) and post production phases. In post-production, various crucial processes come together to transform the script, raw footage, and design ideas into a polished, finished video.

While editing is often considered the core of post production, it is just one part of the larger process. Depending on the project, post-production may encompass additional steps such as motion graphic design, animation, compositing, visual effects, sound design, mixing, and color grading.

Our team consists of diverse and award-winning artists and technicians, each specializing in different aspects of post-production. By leveraging the collective strengths of our team, we ensure that your project is staffed with talent specifically tailored to your needs.

Throughout this process, you will continue to collaborate with the same executive producer, creative director, and project manager you met at the beginning of your project. This continuity ensures that the completed videos align with the original outlines and successfully achieve the desired outcomes.

Review, Revision, and Delivery

Our review and revision process is streamlined and efficient, thanks to our use of the online platform Frame.io.

Frame.io allows your entire team to conveniently review videos and provide feedback in a centralized and organized space. This eliminates the need for scattered email threads with tedious timecode notes.

Typically, our projects include three rounds of collected revisions. Additional revisions beyond this scope will be quoted and accommodated on an as-needed basis. This approach ensures that the revision process remains focused and aligned with your original project goals.

At Gorilla Creative, we value long-term relationships with our clients, aiming to be more than just a one-time service provider. We invest time in understanding your brand, building connections with your team, and learning your preferred way of working. After your project has been delivered, we will keep it accessible in case you need to refresh it in the future.

As we continue to create a library of content for you, we actively seek opportunities to leverage existing assets in future videos, maximizing their value and maintaining consistency across your video content.

See a project go from concept to completion.

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