Plaid Unlocks Financial Freedom for Everyone

Project Summary

In just eight days, we took on the challenge presented by Plaid to encapsulate their mission in a single video that would inspire users, employees, and customers. Step one: create a detailed timeline so that everyone knows the milestones they are responsible for.

Given the time constraints, we decided to create a voice-over-driven video incorporating a combination of stock footage and motion graphics, eliminating the need for original filming. The script was the linchpin of the project.

Working closely with the Plaid team, we immediately started crafting the script. Concurrently, we conducted auditions to find a voice-over artist who exuded confidence yet maintained an approachable tone. Using a paragraph from Plaid's mission statement, we had all the candidates audition with the same lines to make an informed decision.

Even before the script's completion, we anticipated some general themes, enabling our team to search stock footage libraries for relevant clips. Our expertise in utilizing stock footage helped us identify scenes with multiple clips, simulating a cohesive production.

As soon as the script was complete, the voice over artist that we selected recorded the full script and our post production team began editing the stock footage clips to the story. By this stage, we had identified what sections would have motion graphics, so a separate team could create these animations, using the voice over track as a guide for timing.

Throughout the process, we provided sections of the video to Plaid for review, ensuring their input was incorporated before the final completion. This iterative approach proved invaluable within the project's tight timeline.

We successfully delivered the video on time for its premiere at Plaid's employee town hall. Today, the video stands as Plaid's primary channel video on YouTube and prominently features on their "About Us" webpage, serving as a powerful representation of their mission.

Client Spotlight

Project Breakdown

Gorilla Creative truly acted as a thought partner to help bring our idea to life. I could not be more pleased with the final product and look forward to working together in the future.

Madeline Perretta
Marketing at Plaid

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