Coveo is the Relevance Company

Project Summary

To support their marketing and investor relations strategies during their IPO process, helping to generate demand for the offering and facilitate successful fundraising, Coveo wanted a comprehensive video to showcase the company's business, products and services, growth potential, competitive advantages, and financial performance.

We worked closely with a small internal team to write a script that included a combination of presentations by key executives, b-roll footage of the company's operations, multiple customer testimonials, and a demo of their core product in action.

From kickoff to delivery, we had just ten weeks to write, produce, film, edit, review, revise, and deliver the completed 30 minute video.

Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, we successfully filmed with Coveo's CEO and CFO in Quebec, Canada, as well as customers in Texas, Washington, Ohio (United States), Hawthorn (Australia), and Bonn (Germany).

By coordinating closely with carefully selected local crews in the five remote cities, along with our own crew based in San Francisco. Our director remotely coordinated shoots through Zoom, ensuring seamless execution and capturing all necessary footage.

Post-production began prior to filming, with our team adapting illustrations, charts, and graphs for use in the video. To streamline the review process, we divided the video into logical sections, allowing for independent editing, review, and revision. By delivering sections as they were completed, we prioritized the areas requiring more attention. This modular approach also ensured efficient feedback from relevant stakeholders.

Together, Coveo and Gorilla Creative produced a highly effective video that played a pivotal role in the marketing and investor relations strategy of the company during the IPO process, helping to generate demand for the offering and facilitate successful fundraising.

Client Spotlight

Sheila and Angelo talk about creating Coveo’s IPO roadshow video with Gorilla Creative. They highlight our team's expertise, seamless collaboration, and exceptional quality, emphasizing the value of visual storytelling and the investment's worth.

Project Breakdown

We evaluated several video agencies and we have never regretted choosing Gorilla Creative.

Working with them has been pure pleasure. They fully understood what we need. They managed the project expertly to deliver a high-quality project on time and on budget. They listened to our needs, were always there to provide solutions, and managed all of the curve balls we threw at them.

I have done several projects like this in my career and this one was different – there were no frustrations and no worries.

Gorilla has been an exceptional partner! We will work together again!

Sheila Morin
Chief Marketing Officer

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