Lindy Flowers saves time and finds peace of mind with QuickBooks live experts

Project Summary

In order to position QuickBooks Live as a top-tier reason for customers to buy QuickBooks Online, Intuit wanted to produce a series of videos to build awareness that QuickBooks Online offers affordable, ongoing access to live experts.

Our scope of work included delivery of more than 40 video assets optimized for delivery across owned and paid social channels, including YouTube, Instagram, FaceBook, LinkedIn, and TikTok.

The project began by reaching out to real businesses who used QuickBooks Live and conducting interviews to gather their experiences. We needed businesses that not only had authentic stories that aligned with QuickBooks’ messaging goals, but also businesses that would make visually engaging videos.

We found two great companies that fit the bill perfectly, including Lindy Flowers, a voice over artist based in San Francisco, CA.

The pre-production phase involved meticulous planning, coordinating schedules, and arranging locations to ensure a smooth production process. The production team spent two days filming with Lindy in San Francisco, including an interview and b-roll to bring the story to life, including aspects of her voice over recording, business, and her time spent with family.

During post-production, we used Lindy's interview and all of the b-roll to bring the original creative brief to life, all while ensuring the video aligned with Intuit's marketing objectives.

The end result was a coordinated series of cross-channel videos that effectively show how Lindy found confidence going into tax time thanks to help from QuickBooks live experts, and how with this guidance from experts gives her peace of mind knowing everything is done right for her family’s future.

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