Meet the Developer Series

Project Summary

Together, with InfluxData, we embarked on a year-long project to create a series of videos for developers, by developers.

The format we settled on for the series was aimed to replicate the collaborative atmosphere of developers brainstorming around a whiteboard. The first challenge was determining the writing surface for the presenters, which was solved by using an opaque black glass as a fancy dry erase board.

We designed the entire set in 3D so that the team at InfluxData could see our idea. Once they signed off, we began construction and got ready to film the first season.

During production days, multiple episodes were filmed, and presenters prepared their sketches offstage on extra glass panels, saving valuable time once the cameras were rolling. We used RGB lights to create the purple background and four cameras to capture drawings and closeups of each speaker. The Influx team could listen in and provide feedback and encouragement from a nearby viewing area equipped with multi-view and wireless headsets.

Hair and makeup artists ensured everyone looked their best on and off camera

Post-production focused on cutting to relevant camera angles to make it easy to follow the natural rhythm and pace of the conversation without feeling overly produced. 

Over the course of a year, we produced more than 50 episodes of Meet the Developer, giving InfluxData a powerful library of content to inspire and educate developers and deliver on their promise of the fastest time to awesome.

Client Spotlight

Project Breakdown

Team Gorilla shares an inside look at how we helped InfluxData turn an idea into a series with more than 50 episodes of engaging videos.

What Gorilla did was reimagine what these videos could be. And that level of creativity was so helpful for us. We've had a huge response to these videos. People engage with the videos, and that prompts deeper conversations, both for our user community and our sales team. We've done a lot of work with Gorilla over the past year and we're just scratching the surface. I highly recommend Gorilla Creative.

Brian Mullen
Chief Marketing Officer

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