Pliops Extreme Data Processor Launch Event

Project Summary

Pliops asked us to produce a virtual launch event video for their release of the Pliops Extreme Data Processor. The video needed to include a mix of keynote presentations from company executives, animated explainer videos, customer testimonials, and b-roll representing the range of industries that benefit from Pliops XDP. 

The first step of the project was working with Pliops to create an outline for the video that incorporated all of their product and brand messaging. To increase the value of their investment in the project, we designed each section of the video to be repurposed as standalone content beyond the virtual launch event. 

Once the outline was complete, our writers spent time brainstorming with the marketing team and subject matter experts from Pliops to get all of the information needed for the script, wrote the script, then guided the team through the review and revision process.

In order to adhere to the health and safety restrictions due to COVID-19, we had to film with each speaker individually in a large studio with plenty of space for social distancing. A sound stage with a green screen was the perfect solution. International travel was off limits, so the executives that were based in Tel Aviv, Israel were not able to come to the U.S. for production. Instead, we partnered with a local production company to film with them locally while our director kept a close watch over Zoom to ensure consistency and quality.

We produced and oversaw production with three customers across the United States. Our producers kept everything in compliance with local health and safety codes and our director maintained close directorial oversight via Zoom to ensure our standards for production quality were met.

The resulting 25-minute video became the focal point of Pliops' flagship product launch and significantly surpassed their lead generation goals, generating over four times the expected leads. As intended, individual sections of the video were repurposed across various sales and marketing channels to raise awareness and generate interest in Pliops XDP.

Client Spotlight

Project Breakdown

Working with Gorilla Creative has been an extremely positive experience.

They listened to our needs and created videos to deliver those results. They were easy to collaborate with and instilled confidence in our team. They guided us every step of the way and provided an organized, easy to understand process. The pressure to create a high quality, professional and intriguing product launch video was lessened tremendously, because the Gorilla team took care of every detail and provided guidance from start to finish.

Our project required production in multiple countries and states to film our Founder, CEO, and numerous key customers. Gorilla Creative managed all the logistics and remote crews to ensure that all the content came together seamlessly and consistently.

We wanted to incorporate 3D product animation to bring our product to life. Instead of starting from scratch, they saved significant time and cost by lighting and animating our existing CAD files. The resulting animations felt exciting, alive, and matched our brand style.

Our story needed to feel aspirational and global, demonstrating our reach across industries and continents. Gorilla Creative had creative and efficient ways to leverage existing video, customer content, high quality stock footage, and animation to connect our product to the outcomes that we deliver.

The video was the centerpiece of our flagship product launch and contributed to more than quadruple our lead goal for the launch event. I could not recommend them more highly and look forward to working with Gorilla on many future projects.

Angela Restani
Vice President of Marketing

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