It's a Brand New Dayforce

Project Summary

Most companies don't change their name very often, so when Ceridian asked us to be a part of their rebrand, we jumped at the opportunity to create this brand anthem video. The video needed to reinforce Ceridian’s history of culture-driven innovation and highlight the brand’s successful evolution through time.

We kicked off the project by leading the team at Ceridian (now Dayforce) through a brainstorming exercise to evaluate the pros and cons of various creative methods. From stock footage and motion graphics to office b-roll and customer vignettes — everything was on the table. The biggest constraint was time. They wanted the video to be the centerpiece of the rebrand announcement at their annual user conference that was less than a month away.

An idea that resonated with the entire team was a manifesto of sorts. A reaffirmation of what the company stood for, why it does what does, and where it’s going. An individual spokesperson put too much pressure on casting a single person to represent a global company, so we decided to cast seven actors who would share the spotlight.

Woven seamlessly together with the brand proclamation was the unveiling of the new Dayforce logo itself. We filmed the actors in a studio on green screen and create virtual sets that incorporated design elements of the new brand. To build suspense, we created dramatic camera and lighting moves around a 3D version of the Dayforce logo and cut between these throughout the video.

The result is a video that feels human centered and inspirational while grounded in the new Dayforce brand.

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