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Build trust and improve your credibility.

Customer testimonial videos turn your customers into advocates and increase conversion rates. By humanizing your product, you help customers connect emotionally with your brand and feel more loyal.

Why Gorilla Creative?

Experience. Process. Results. We’re proud not only of the work we have done, but also of the way we get the job done. We are equally focused on producing measurably effective videos and on creating an experience that you, your team, and your customers will love.


We’ve produced countless customer testimonial videos for clients large and small all over the world.

Our Team

We are invested in your success and can make decisions quickly. Agility isn’t just a buzzword.


Our proven ability to deliver consistent results is rooted in the strength of our process.


We can provide a consistent experience nationwide, wherever your customers are located.


High quality is table stakes. We take the time to produce videos that deliver results.

See a project go from concept to completion.

Intuit wanted to produce a series of videos featuring success stories of businesses that migrated from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online.

We helped them find the right customers to feature, coordinated all of the logistics for production, traveled all over the US to film with real customers, and edited a mix of long form videos and snack-size videos for social media.
Watch this short video to see how we made it al happen.

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You’re asking your customers
to do you a big favor.

We get that.

Your customer relationships are among your most cherished assets. We know that regardless of how you position it, you’re asking your customers to do you a favor and the experience they have at every step of the process reflects on you. This is easy to overlook, but it’s a significant detail to give weight to. We have honed our process to ensure that their time is respected, the process is easy, and we tailor our process to each of them to ensure they get a white glove experience every step of the way. We routinely get feedback from customers during our video shoots that they wish all of their video shoots were that easy, smooth, and enjoyable. While we enjoy that positive feedback, we know that it ultimately reflects the most positively on you and your brand.

Your customers are more than numbers in a spreadsheet. They are people with individual expectations and needs. We obsess over details and provide personalized, white-glove service to you and your customers to ensure we deliver exceptional results that exceed expectations. We are committed to building a positive relationship with your customers that reflects positively on your brand and helps you achieve your business goals.

What our clients have to say

“I was impressed with Gorilla Creative from the interview process through the wrap of the project. They were able to clearly articulate their creative process which gave me confidence in their ability to deliver.
Matt, Eric and the Gorilla team are upbeat, responsive, and attentive to detail. No ask I made was too big or too small. They are true collaborators – they took direction well while also advising me against certain requests and explaining why. I was extremely happy with the final videos.”

Sheila Kilbride

Marketing Communications & Content Marketing at Intuit

“Gorilla Creative is one of the very best firms I’ve worked with over the last twenty years. I wholeheartedly recommend them — without hesitation.
They created a video that exceeded our expectations. But it was the way they did it that really sets Gorilla Creative apart. Simply put, they’re the type of people you want to have on your team. They’re very smart, with a high level of business acumen that allowed them to translate challenging concepts into polished video in just a few iterations. They work incredibly hard. Through it all, they maintain an unfailingly positive, can-do attitude — always rolling with the punches in the face of changes in direction and difficult requests. And they have a high EQ, allowing them to work really well with everyone — from our executive team to our marketing organization to our customer references. They’re just great people.
I’ve worked with many creative agencies over the years, and there are none that I would recommend more highly than Gorilla Creative.”

Greg Schneider

SVP of Marketing at Adaptive Insights (Currently CMO at Qventus)

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