Workday Elevate

Project Summary

Elevate is Workday’s annual event that runs in more than 15 countries to showcase Workday's solutions and capabilities for businesses looking to optimize HR, finance, and planning.

Workday wanted an energetic video to kick off the event and excite attendees about the day ahead. 

An important consideration of our design was universal access so that we could efficiently localize the video in seven languages without having to completely redesign the animation. 

With a focus on simplicity and conceptual shapes, we collaborated closely with Workday to coordinate the video with other agencies producing displays, graphics, and signage for the event.

We started by sketching rough storyboards so that we could align on high-level design concepts, then, once those were approved, illustrated the video as static keyframes, and eventually moved to animation.

The completed video features an upbeat soundtrack, synchronized text overlays, and visually captivating transitions to keep the audience engaged.

Client Spotlight

Project Breakdown

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