Revolutionize Your Travel Marketing with Sojern

Project Summary

Sojern wanted to create an engaging and informative promotional video with the primary objective of positioning themselves as the premier choice in travel marketing. The video needed to educate viewers about Sojern's unique offerings, emphasizing their specialization in the travel industry for over 15 years and their expertise in delivering data-driven, AI-powered marketing solutions.

When the team at Sojern described their vision for the video, they said "we don't want it to feel like another vanilla B2B marketing video."

Sojern wanted the tone of the video to reflect their brand: confident, worldly, approachable, and fun, without being arrogant, pretentious, or overexcited.

The video targets global hotel brands and chains and will primarily be used off of their website, so it needed to include a bit of context about Sojern for viewers less familiar with the brand.

We collaborated closely with the creative and marketing teams at Sojern to create a concept that's fun and dynamic and answers the question "Why Sojern?

The result of the project are three videos, a full length centerpiece video (seen above) along with a 60 and 30 second version for paid social placement.

Client Spotlight

Project Breakdown

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