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Project Summary

Marqeta wanted a video to help recruit top talent by showcasing the authentic experiences of employees. The video needed to provide a visual representation of Marqeta’s culture and values, inspiring candidates to envision themselves as part of the company.

Knowing that job seekers would have questions about the impact of the pandemic on Marqeta’s employees and company culture, Marqeta decided to let viewers hear firsthand from employees and the company’s founder.

An early decision that needed to be made was whether this video would be fully scripted or interview-driven. After sharing the pros and cons of both options with the team at Marqeta, we made the decision that the authenticity of a conversational, interview-driven video was the best format to deliver the desired tone.

We guided Marqeta through the process of creating a messaging outline for the video, which was later used to create tailored interview discussion guides for each person appearing in the video. These guides let our director know exactly what topics to cover and what sound bites to draw out during the interviews. 

Production posed several unique challenges. Social distancing and masking protocols limited our crew size and hampered traditional production techniques. To overcome these obstacles, we set up a green screen studio in Marqeta’s auditorium, which was empty due to shelter-in-place orders. 

We used a teleprompter and two-way camera system so that our director and the interviewees could have a natural conversation while capturing full, high-quality audio and video; and to capture the essence of the office, we filmed background plates around the office where we wanted to film all of the interviews, had it not been for the unique production constraints.

The completed video quickly and clearly shows that Marqeta’s culture has always been strong and stayed strong throughout the pandemic, and demonstrates that employees come to Marqeta to do the best work of their lives and have far-reaching impact across the globe.

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