Gorilla Creative Client Spotlight: Lively

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In the past, we have struggled to find creative agencies that understood our audience and offering. The Gorilla team went all in to understand our value proposition and steered us to the key messaging statement. They backed this up with a dynamic and succinct storyboard.

Our final video exemplified our brand through and through.

A few things that really stand out:

  • We had a dedicated team that stayed with us from proposal to final assets delivery. No changes, no substitutions. We knew exactly who to speak to at each step of the project.
  • Gorilla was on or ahead of time with all of their milestones. They kept us in the loop at every step along the way.
  • The value to the budget was extraordinary. This video is the centerpiece of our new brand offering.

Gorilla Creative is the ONLY video agency we will partner with on future projects.

Pat Connelly
Chief of Staff

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